OPINION: The Seagulls need your support to survive

THERE is no sports journalist who enjoys covering bad news and this week's revelations about the Hervey Bay Seagulls' dire situation could not be worse for local rugby league.

The Seagulls are in more than a spot of bother, crippled by a six-figure debt and poor results in the senior competition, but a strong and focused committee proved there was a way back.

Tough decisions are often unpopular, but the club still managed to eliminate almost 40 per cent of its debt in just one season.

It will take some time for the club to get back on its feet - it would take at least two more similarly stringent seasons to be well in the black - but there is no doubt that with the right people at the club, it can work.

There are certainly a lot of unanswered questions about how the club was able to accumulate such a debt and I'm sure that is what the club, Bundaberg Rugby League and Queensland Rugby League officials have discussed.

That will come out with time, but for the now the Seagulls need the support of the town it calls home and the best chance to do that is at Stafford Park from 5.30pm today.

There is a real danger the club will not be able to participate in the 2019 BRL season, and should that happen it would be the saddest chapter in the Seagulls' proud history.