Rangers advising campers on Fraser Island to leave

QUEENSLAND Parks and Wildlife Service rangers have visited campsites on Fraser Island to advise campers to leave.

QPWS principal ranger Ross Belcher said park visitors should leave areas in the path of the predicted severe weather if possible.

"If already booked into a campsite, we ask they do not visit these areas," he said. 

Refunds of camping fees are available.

"Due to the risk of large trees falling, our procedure is to close Central Station when wind speed and rainfall reach critical levels," Mr Belcher said.

"Keep safe and keep track of current advice.

"Listen to ABC local radio and check road and weather conditions."

He said staff had stopped issuing camping permits for the QPWS Fraser Island campgrounds due to predicted extreme weather but expected bookings to reopen on Monday, February 23.

For more information on camp site closures, visit http://www.nprsr.qld.gov.au/park-alerts/13248.html.