Rape victim showers 30min twice a day

A woman who was raped by a mutual friend while she slept at a party takes two 30-minute showers a day because she still feels dirty, and is afraid of sleeping.

The man - who crept into the room she was sleeping in with two friends about 5.30am on June 30, 2017 - was yesterday sentenced to five years' jail.

Stephen Anthony Coombes, 30, pleaded guilty in Brisbane District Court to the rape of a 19-year-old woman, which he committed when he was aged 28.

The court heard the pair attended a party at Redcliffe and had been socialising earlier that evening before both going to bed in separate rooms around 2am.

Several hours later, Coombes crept into the room where the victim was sleeping with her friends and lay beside her on a single mattress as she snored, the court heard.

When she woke he was behind her, pulling down her jeans. Despite the woman saying "no", Coombes put his hand against her neck.

The woman told police she found it difficult to breathe and her voice was muffled, crown prosecutor Benjamin Jackson told the court.

The court heard the horrific ordeal lasted for 15-20 minutes, where Coombes removed the woman's bra and kissed her neck, while her two friends slept metres away.

The victim immediately woke her friends after the rape and reported the incident to police.

She has now moved overseas, the court heard, but continues to suffer from the incident, taking two 30-minute showers a day because she feels "dirty".

Mr Jackson said the victim was now fearful of sleep and suffered nightmares.

The court heard Coombes was so drunk at the time of the offending he had "very little memory" of what had happened.

He is now expecting a baby with his partner in August, the court heard.

Coombes was sentenced to five years' jail, to be suspended for five years after 15 months had been served.