A man has been sentenced for public nuisance and a weapons charge.
A man has been sentenced for public nuisance and a weapons charge.

Vile abuse of guards, RSL staff lands man in court

A MAN, who unleashed a tirade of abuse on staff at the Hervey Bay RSL and security guards in a supermarket car park, has been sentenced.

Douglas Lawrence Richardson pleaded guilty in Hervey Bay Magistrates Court to the related public nuisance offence.

He also pleaded guilty to a weapons offence and breaching his probation.

Police Prosecutor Sergeant Michael Ruddiman said police were flagged down by a member of the public in the Pialba Place car park where Richardson was being spoken to by security staff on October 24.

"He appeared very agitated, waving his hands wildly about, swearing … he appeared at the time under the influence of alcohol," Sgt Ruddiman said

"He refused to answer questions, started to point at staff at Hervey Bay RSL, loudly calling them 'c***s' and 'w**kers, 'and also told security staff  he'd "rape you sideways".

"In relation to the weapon, police during that came into contact of a black sling bag in the presence of the defendant, they found a black torch light with the word 'squid' on the side.

"And they opened it, a knife blade of 2.4cm length was observed."

Sgt Ruddiman said Richardson refused to answer questions regarding the disguised knife.

The court heard Richardson had previously appeared in Beenleigh Magistrates Court on June 28, 2019 for aggravated assault, five counts of breach of bail conditions, two counts of failing to appear in accordance with undertaking, contravention of a probation order and possessing dangerous drugs.

He was sentenced to an 18 month probation order at the time and on Thursday, the prosecution sought resentencing given that probation had been breached.

Duty Lawyer Kade Eames said Richardson suffered from a hypoxic brain injury, which impacted his memory and impulse control.

"These are early pleas of guilty in relation to public nuisance and weapon offence," Mr Eames said.

"In regards to resentencing … I would submit a short period of imprisonment, highly suspended could be considered."

Magistrate John Milburn said in the circumstances and given the defendant's personal circumstances and the issues outlined, fines were in range as a penalty.

"I do take into account the plea of guilty I have reduced the sentence and the type of sentence that may have been imposed," he said.

"It does seem to me you are they type of person who would benefit from engaging with probation and parole.

"I hope you can see it upon yourself to engage in some form of rehabilitation voluntarily, but for today's purposes … the appropriate way to deal with you is to impose fines that will be substantial."

The defendant was fined $250 for breaching probation, fined $750 in relation to resentencing and was charged a total of $750 for the charges of public nuisance and weapons offences.

Conviction was recorded and the weapon was confiscated.