Rates pain: 7000 residents to pay at least 10% more

THE council is in damage control as it tries to justify exorbitant rate hikes to at least 7000 home and business owners.

This is despite maintaining it has held up its end of the bargain by delivering a zero percent net revenue increase.

It means the council won't be pocketing any more ratepayer cash in total than it did this time last year.

There are however drastic changes in who will be lumped with the biggest bills.

Letters, signed by mayor George Seymour and finance councillor Rolf Light, warning of what's to come have now gone out to 7000 ratepayers.

Residents, whose land has gone up in value according to a State Government computer, are set to be hit hardest.

It lines up with a process followed by many councils across Queensland.

But does it pass the pub test?