IT COULD take years for land along Hervey Bay's Esplanade to recover after a local man poisoned multiple trees and residents are not happy.

Chronicle readers took to Facebook to voice their concerns after a resident was forced to compensate the council $20,000 for the cost of treating the site, removing the poisoned trees and replanting.

David Cox said it happened in the early 90's as well.

"Sound your horn every time you drive past to let the culprits know we're onto them," he said.

The Fraser Coast council is now sending a strong warning to environmental vandals after reaching an out-of-court settlement with the resident yesterday for using herbicide to poison the trees in Point Vernon.

Janet Spann said tree removal should be banned for everyone, including councils.

"It's not okay to remove trees but everyone has to abide, even council," she said.

Chronicle reader Ricky Rowland questioned what sort of person would think destroying trees would improve the community.

"Have they not seen Toogoom?" Mr Rowland questioned

Suzanne Robi would like to see the culprit charged.

"This is environmental crime," she said.

Jay Miller had a suggestion for the man who poisoned the trees.

"Don't like the view then move, don't destroy it."

It could be years before the poisoned area is completely rehabilitated, said councillor David Lewis.

"We're trying to get the message across that it won't improve your view by destroying the community's trees," Cr Lewis said.

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