READERS: Decision to let disgraced breeder own dogs slammed

FRASER Coast Chronicle readers have reacted after a puppy farm breeder who kept more than 100 bull terriers in terrible conditions was allowed to continue owning dogs, and breed one litter a year.

Owner of Kupala Bull Terriers dog breeding business Sharon McAdam pleaded guilty in Gladstone Magistrates Court on Wednesday to one charge of fail to provide appropriate living conditions and two charges of failing to provide appropriate treatment for injury.

An RSPCA investigation of her property on November 28 last year revealed McAdam had 110 dogs at the property; 102 of them she owned.

The court was told many of the dogs were living small cages, covered in urine and faeces, with little to no access to food and water, in rooms with little ventilation in a generally "putrid" environment.

Andrea Mackander: No wonder there are so many unwanted animals in the pounds due to people like this who breed dogs for the money, will not desex them, and treat them badly. Why are they allowed to keep any dogs?

Brian D Branch: Totally wrong decision.

Where somebody is proven not to be a responsible person in any area, they shouldn't be permitted to continue in that area.

We don't allow bankrupts to operate companies, for example.

Sherryn Sparks: Pathetic outcome for dogs.

Plus as if the community needs any more puppies for sale.

Too many unwanted dogs already.

Leanne Farrelly: Sad outcome for the dogs.

Should not be allowed to breed any more animals ever again. Just so wrong.

Jesse Dillian: So many unwanted dogs in the world already.

At the end of the day it's always the animal that suffers.

Humans can be unkind.

Tassie Mitchell: That's a bloody disgraceful decision.

Marian Wade: What do you have to do to get punished?

Sonia Jarvis: I feel for any more animals that come into her care