Readers react after State Gov't grants three mining leases

READERS are split after Maryborough's Colton Coal mine took a step closer to becoming reality yesterday.

Three critical mining leases were given the tick of approval by the State Government for the $300million project.

This means the New Hope Group can now begin planning the first stages of the open cut mine which will create up to 120 new-long term jobs at the site 10kms north-east of Maryborough.

State Gov't approves Maryborough's $300m coalmine lease

Readers were split between celebrating jobs, to lamenting the impact the mine could have on the environment and house prices.

Zjena Kljinskovic: "You watch all the lock the gate idiots come out. You watch the prices of everything go through the roof."

Nathan Maloney: "Hey some jobs are better than no jobs! Just got to keep an eye on them environmentally, mining is not always a bad thing. This town needs to stop thinking backwards and look forwards."

Tony Austin: "120 jobs. The region will hardly notice it. All money made will end up somewhere else."

Allan J Smith: "Pmsl let's see how many jobs are given to local when theirs a huge number of highly experienced miners from Far North Qld out of work."

Jill Carter: "The environmental vandals are at it again. Thought our country was going green. Sad times ahead good luck to those who lock their gates."

Bonita Vennik: "You can,t stop progress unless you want to go back to caveman days. More people are being born everyday and they all use housing and need commodities so it,s got to come from somewhere."

Guy Golding: "Coal mine leases are every where some Up to 20 years old. Doesn't mean it will happen straight away. Got to fight the greenys and cultural heritage first."

Peter Dickson: "Will be good for the Maryborough/Hervey Bay economy....... hopefully all the dole bludgers will get some job prospects from this or move on to greener pastures where's there's no job opportunities."

Michael Toms: "Good stuff. Bring price of my house up, sell and move out of this joint."