Readers react to suggestion disabled dad should be banned

ANGER has been the main reaction from Chronicle readers after a story was shared on Facebook suggesting a bride's disabled father should be banned from her wedding.

The bride was busy wedding planning when her future mother-in-law suggested banning her dad from the wedding as she fears his "serious disfigurement" might scare guests.

Miriam Johnson: "The groom to be should have immediately addressed this with his mother who is clearly out of line."

Juanita Howard: "After losing my dad in a bad truck accident over 20 years ago this monster in law would be the one getting the boot from my wedding. I would have given just about anything to have had my dad walk me down the aisle after his accident. Disfigured or not."

Patricia Hardy: "Be polite and tell her my dad will becoming so you don't have to come, if he scares you I will understand."

Ann Heywood: "As a disabled person - I understand that people can be cruel - but MIL needs to understand also that under our looks we have feelings and are really just like them - she has maybe never had experience to learn that. I doubt her ideas since she is an adult will change - but what is worse is that she is afraid that children might get upset - maybe that's where parents need to be educating the children - teach them tolerance and acceptance of others - to look under the outside looks to what is underneath."

Simone Stehbens: "After having just lost my father, I would give anything to have him at my wedding, disabled or not."

Janet Lea: "That is horrible! I would be so proud to wheel my dad down the aisle with me."

Samantha Bailey: "She just uninvited herself not just from the wedding but any other event that would happen."

Sharlene Jean: "Hope she didn't invite the old bat."

Andrea Mackander: "Big mistake mother in law. One thing wrong and you are never forgiven."

Kerri Willmott: "I'd be uninviting that dragon."