Readers react to new NBN approach

READERS have reacted to the company behind the NBN taking a new approach to appease frustrated customers as it tries to fend off the threat of mobile carriers offering unlimited data plans.

NBN Co has announced it will release a new monthly customer report to improve transparency around the wholesale network.

The report will outline updates in service quality, co-operation with industry partners and progress with the network roll-out.

Here's what some of our readers had to say.

Raymond Troy Taylor: "The current roll-out is a complete joke."

"They need to go back to FTTH it's the only way to do it properly."

Tineille Embrey: "My NBN stopped working this morning."

"I rang to find out and apparently its not working for a planned upgrade and won't be back up and running for another 10 days."

"If it was planned how come no-one gets notified?"

Narelle Buller: "I was told that exact story two weeks ago."

"It did come back on but has mysteriously dropped out again."

Gus Warde: "Somewhat a case of you get what you pay for or what you're prepared to pay for."

"Sure they could have run fibre to the house but how many would have been prepared to pay the amount required to recoup the costs involved?

"I read of estimates of the current system requiring an earning of $3billion per year to break even."

Chris Callander: "Wouldn't know, NBN is not even in my area which is close to centre of town."

Ron Shambrook: "Appease my backside, all the customers want is what they honestly pay for."

S.J. Atkinson: "It'll never be quality."