Mackay’s Rebecca Kemp is training hard for a shot at the 2012 London Olympics.
Mackay’s Rebecca Kemp is training hard for a shot at the 2012 London Olympics. Lee Constable

Rebecca's Olympic focus

REBECCA Kemp has a single-minded goal right now - to represent Australia at the London 2012 Olympics.

The only thing between the Mackay breaststroker and her objective will be held in March next year - the Olympic trials.

The 19-year-old is currently competing at the state swimming titles in Brisbane and coach Pat Wright said she'd got some good times on the board.

"She's got the capability," Wright said.

"This is just a stepping stone... having a competition swim prior to the Olympic trials (which Kemp has qualified for).

"She's heading in the right direction... she's got everything going for her."

The Mackay swimmer has a steely focus and her dedication and discipline is subject to none, Wright said.

"Her best time in 2.26 for the 200m breaststroke," Wright said.

"There's no reason, when you look at those sorts of results, that she shouldn't make the Australian Olympic team."

Wright is proud of Kemp's efforts, considering the swimmer was "out of the water" for a while after the 14th FINA world championships in Shanghai, China.

"When you swim at world championships it's one down from the Olympics," she said.

Kemp hasn't tapered her training leading into the state swimming titles, which is the norm when going into an important swim meet.

She is still in full training completing two, six to eight kilometre sessions a day.

At 19, her swimming career is still in front of her, Wright said.

"She's not going to really mature until (age) 23/24 with her swimming career."

If she makes the Olympic cut, she will join Mackay's swimming legacy following in the footsteps of her peers such as Nick Frost, Linda McKenzie and comeback kid Geoff Huegill.

There are a lot of opportunities for young swimmers looking for their break, Wright said, with about 35-40% of Australian swimmers expected to retire after the next Olympics.

"There's a lot of breaks coming for a lot of swimmers," she said.

"It's anyone's ultimate dream. If you are going to give up 30 hours of your time a week."