Rebel protester films live video ‘inside police watchhouse’


AN EXTINCTION Rebellion protester appears to have smuggled her phone into a watchhouse after being arrested in Brisbane.

Emma Dorge, going by the name Emma Jade online, made the 14-minute post to her Facebook yesterday morning.  

It's unclear how she got the phone into the watchhouse and police have been contacted for comment.  

"I'm coming to you live from the Roma St watchhouse now," she says at the beginning of the video.

The protester posted about how she was "arrested for breach of bail in CBD despite not being within those bounds".


Extinction Rebellion protester Emma Dorge
Extinction Rebellion protester Emma Dorge


During the video she says she might have to stop filming quickly because she is in the watchhouse and also claims the "cops are bad at pat down searches today". 

The video was posted with a written message about climate change.

"Our lives, our ecosystems are a stake," she wrote.

"Every morning I wake up exhausted and terrified of the world we live in and how much worse it's going to get.



"And if you've got the privilege and ability to have some sort of resistance, and you don't (sic) then, I'm angry at you too. You're living on stolen land, in an illegal occupation of so called Australia and you're watching the sixth mass exinction (sic) unfold. Time is running out and we know how to fix this."