The Aldi tap found to put lead into water.
The Aldi tap found to put lead into water. Supplied

Aldi tap in 12,000 homes recalled over lead contamination

TESTS on water run through a cheap Aldi tap from China have found up to 15 times the maximum allowable level of lead.

The estimated 12,000 households that bought an Easy Home spiral spring mixer are now being warned against using it for drinking or cooking.

"There is a cause for concern," said Brett Bassett, head of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission, which identified the threat and commissioned the testing.

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission also cautioned against using the $79.99 tap and said it had begun an investigation.

"If there is a risk that consumer goods may cause injury the ACCC expects suppliers and manufacturers to put voluntary recalls in place to protect consumers," a spokesman said.

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