Tenterfield had the driest November on record last month.
Tenterfield had the driest November on record last month.

RECORD BREAKING: Town’s lowest November rainfall in 150yrs

LAST month was the driest November on record in Tenterfield, but the mayor was positive the town was in better shape this summer than it was last year.

The town only received 6.1mm of rain last month, the lowest total since records began in 1870.

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Cr Peter Petty said the eastern side of Tenterfield was starting to look as bad as it was during last year's drought, but was heartened by rain falling over the past few days - storms on Thursday brought eight times more rain in one day then the entire month of November.

He said the council had implemented plans to secure water supply for the town, which had helped keep the Tenterfield Dam level at about 90-93 per cent capacity, despite the hot, dry weather.

He said bores commissioned earlier in the year were set up and ready to supplement the water supply when needed, which he thought would be when dam supply fell to about 85 per cent.

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Cr Petty said the people of Tenterfield had responded well to water restrictions, with Level 1 restrictions in place in the town since the dam reached capacity in February when decent rain fell.

Prior to that, the town had reached Level 4.7 water restrictions.

"When the dam filled up in February, we lifted all water restrictions as a reprieve, but the townsfolk asked us to reinstate Level 1," he said

With water restrictions in place and bores ready to go, Cr Petty said the town was "set up for the future".

Cr Petty said while they needed good rain to fall every week to keep everything green, "the dam is in a good position, going into summer we are in a better state then we were last year".

Also within Tenterfield Shire, Urbenville was on Level 2 water restrictions as the town's water supply had fallen to between 60-70 per cent capacity.

The water restrictions were in place from November 27, more details can be found at


MORE Water restrictions on the Northern Rivers

Water restrictions on the way

Meanwhile, even less rain fell in Lismore in November, where only 4.2mm rain fell - the lowest rainfall recorded at the airport weather station since it opened in 2002.

Casino experienced its driest November since records began in 1994, receiving only 3.2mm of rain.

Region's rainfall statistics


Tenterfield, weather station opened in 1870

November 2020: 6.1mm - lowest on record

Median: 77.9mm

Highest: 233.4mm in 2008


Lismore, weather station opened in 2002

November 2020: 4.2mm - lowest on record

Median: 82.4mm

Highest: 233.6mm in 2013


Ballina weather station in place since 1992

November 2020: 38.2mm

Lowest: 6.2mm in 2019

Median: 96mm

Highest: 200mm fell in 2007


Byron Bay weather station in place since 2002

November 2020: 54mm

Lowest: 10mm in 2002

Median: 56.4mm

Highest 201.4 in 2005


Tweed Heads weather station in place since 1886

November 2020: 18.2mm

Lowest: 2mm in 1982

Median: 86mm

Highest: 606.6mm in 1917.