Chris and Sheena Geiger, with Lauren and Casey Kovavcich as Father Cheripuram christens baby Kovi.
Chris and Sheena Geiger, with Lauren and Casey Kovavcich as Father Cheripuram christens baby Kovi. Contributed

"Record”: Baby christened with eight great-grandparents

KOVI Geiger was treated to a christening few others are lucky enough to experience when all eight of her great-grandparents gathered at the Saint Colman's Church in Home Hill.

With more than 40 family members across four generations, the child's mother Sheena Geiger said it "must be some type of record".

"There was about 50 people attending including family and friends just after the mass on Sunday morning," Ms Geiger said.

"So my parents were there and all the great- grandparents turned up.

"It was very special for us to be able to have four generations of family members there at the one time."

Parish priest Father Abraham Cheripuram who conducted the christening said while he was relatively new to the area, he had "not really" seen a time when so many generations of family had attended at the one time.


Kovi Geiger with four generations of her family present at her christening on Sunday.
Four generations in one room. Contributed

While newly christened Kovi was the first in the family to experience all eight great-grandparents in the same room at the same time, she was not alone in sharing the love of extended family.

Older brothers Wolfe, 11, and Reon, 10, also round out this fourth generation.

Kovi's family is not unfamiliar to having long lives, with Ms Geiger saying she knew three of her great grandparents growing up as well.

She said it wasn't confusing having such a large mix of great grandparents, grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins, because thanks to her family's diverse cultural heritage, it is surprisingly easy.

"My mum's side is Italian, my dad's side is Croatian, there's a bit of English and German thrown in there too," Ms Geiger said.

"My husband Chris, his side is German, a bit of Scottish, a bit of Jamaican, all of that kind of background.

"My dad to them is known as jed, which is like a Croatian grandfather and my dad's dad is known to them as pradjed which is great grandfather. My mum's nooni, but my mum's parents are bisnonno and bisnonna, the Italian side.

"All their aunts are zias and another aunt is German, so she's tante as well.

"All the different languages come into play for our family."