Council red tape is cut: let’s get growing

EDITORIAL: The Mayor says it's a game changer.

Developers have welcomed it.

Common sense recommends it.

Instead of four different planning schemes involving 19 planning policies under the umbrella of the Fraser Coast Regional Council, there is now one consolidated Fraser Coast Planning Scheme.

After some to-ing and fro-ing between the State Government and the council, the government has approved the scheme and the council adopted it on Wednesday.

It's an important step to complete the process of amalgamation which created this council and comes after public consultation attracting hundreds of submissions.

Until now there have been four planning schemes, a hangover from the not-so-distant past when there were Maryborough, Hervey Bay, Woocoo and Tiaro councils.

Since September, when it was presented to George St, and its final approval, the scheme has been further simplified and conditions attached.

No doubt it will be reviewed to shake any final bugs out.

You'll be able to read the detail on the council's website from next Tuesday.

But in essence, development applications on the Fraser Coast should be smoother, potentially offering a much-needed spur to our economy.

Along those lines, the next step for the council will be a new infrastructure charges incentives policy to stimulate the economy.

Bring it on.