Referendum road show hits Hervey Bay

THE Fraser Coast is the latest region to receive a pit-stop from the bipartisan road show to spruik the benefits of fixed-four year terms.

State Attorney-General Yvette D'Ath and shadow Attorney-General Ian Walker dropped into Hervey Bay to help firm up support ahead of the referendum to be held this Saturday.

If successful, the referendum will mean voters will only go to the polls every four years, instead of every three.

The fixed-date also means there will no longer be any uncertainty as to when a state election will be held.

Queensland is the only state in the country which has three-year parliamentary terms.

Ms D'Ath said a vote yes was about jobs.

"We know that when there is speculation around elections there is a decline in business confidence which means people are not spending money which affects small business and affects jobs," she said.

"To help support jobs in our regional communities we need to support fixed four-year terms and support business."

She also responded to recent criticism that politicians should not be rewarded with longer terms after their recent child-like behaviour.

"That shouldn't be a reason that you don't create stability and certainty for this state," she said.

"If we are going to make sure we have funding going to our hospitals and our schools, housing and infrastructure we need governments to serve four-year terms."

Mr Walker echoed the sentiments of Ms D'Ath.

"It's a good place to encourage people to vote yes because we know that Queenslanders like to think big and to think positive and we know that the people of the Fraser Coast like to think big and to think positive," he said. currently has even odds on the referendum with both the yes and no votes running at $1.87.

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