Region reacts after mum admits to leaving son, 5, home alone

THE Fraser Coast has reacted after a mum, who is 34 weeks pregnant with her second child, admitted she often leaves her five-year-old son home alone.

The stay-at-home mum justified her controversial stance by adding that her boy was toilet-trained and happy to play games, or watch TV while she went food shopping, even leaving the oven on with chicken nuggets baking.

Here's what you had to say on Facebook.

Taleese and Shane Penna: "That's lazy parenting on the most dangerous of levels."

Vicki Elizabeth Avcin: "Any self respecting good parent wouldn't. Yes she did the wrong thing."

Kate Stanton: "Some people shouldn't have kids."

Jan Guthrey: "I would think that is irresponsible and putting the child at great risk."

Lee White: "I thought you couldn't leave a child alone until they were 13 or older."

Rebekah Callister: "It's not that hard not to have children if you aren't going to be a responsible parents."

Alasdair McWhirter: "So many things could have gone wrong".

Jamie-Lee Miller: "Sounds like her brain is the size of a nugget."

Rachael Hickey: "Not something I would've ever done with my kids at that age."

Jodie Feirclough: "It's illegal for a reason."

Susie Huerta: "It's not something I would do, not even with the oven off".

Lee White: "I thought you couldn't leave a child alone until they were 13 or older."

Chrissy Clark: "What was she thinking?"

Kerry Hunjas: "Poor excuse for a parent if you ask me."

Rochelle Bonney: "You have to risk assess and train your child when the time comes and they are old enough to follow a plan and not be afraid."

Kerrie Willmott: "She deserved to be slammed."

Kate Stanton: "Who would leave the chicken nuggets, just saying! But seriously, some people shouldn't have kids."