Scott Rankin.
Scott Rankin.

INSPIRING JOURNEY: Taking ownership of life to help others

ICE not only drove a wedge between Scott Rankin and his family - it drove the Brisbane man into a dark hole he couldn't see a way out of.

When the 33-year-old's father died before he had a chance to heal the wounds between them, it was the wake-up call Scott needed to turn his life around.

From smoking methamphetamine with mates on the weekends at 23, across almost a decade it became an "all day, every day addiction".

Scott lost his job and started selling the product to support his habit.

"I was desperate for any help I could find and a friend pointed me towards Transformations. It saved my life," he said.

The rehabilitation program's first few weeks felt like months for Scott but he didn't feel the urge to run.

"The hardest part was letting go guilt and shame and taking ownership of what I had done in my life and not blaming others," he said.

"Back then I had no feelings, I masked them, I don't even know who I was. I realised what I had done with my life and it wasn't the person I wanted to be at all. Then I was pushing drugs on others to support my habit and ruin their lives too.

"Now I can connect with people, I am honest, truthful and I'm proud of myself. It was like growing up."

Now, Scott is a house leader for other recovering addicts in Transformations' centre in Tasmania.

Scott plans on studying a diploma in community service to continue helping people in the future.

You can hear more stories like these and show support to the organisation making a difference at their major Spring Gala fundraiser next Friday, September 27.

The black-tie ball will be held at the Brolga Theatre and includes House Rules stars Josh and Brandon as guest speakers and entertainment by popular band Soul City.

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