Rental horror stories a reminder of mine

JUST when I thought I'd heard the worst horror rental story, another always pops up and shocks me more than the one before.

A recent article showed awful images of a home being rented which had burnt carpet, human faeces around the toilet and shower curtain and more.

My first question is "how?"

Whenever I hear one of these stories, it takes me back to the first place I moved into when I left home.

I got a job in Airlie Beach and I didn't have a chance to inspect the unit before agreeing to move in.

At the time, I was just happy to have found a place within a week.

When I arrived, I noticed the unit was a little dark and it felt a little moist but it was spacious and clean so I was happy. I walked into my room and to my surprise, there was no windows... strange.

The first morning I woke up, it was pitch black due to the lack of windows.

Of course, I thought this was great because I don't really like bright lights in the morning.

However, lack of windows means lack of ventilation and in a humid place like Airlie Beach, it's the perfect recipe for mould.

Not only were my walls covered in mould but my bedside tables, shoes, clothes and other items too.

The mould led to a bad cough, which then lead to a broken rib. They weren't joking in school when they said I was fragile.

Thankfully, I had an amazing house mate who made the situation bearable.

Suffice to say I quickly moved out and found a place with plenty of windows and plenty of sunlight.

If I was struggling to live in such conditions, it baffles me that other people can live in the squalor we hear about when terrible tenant stories are shared.

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