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Repeat offender who “thumbed nose at court” gets last chance

A REPEAT petty crime offender, who "thumbed her nose at the court" for four years, has been warned jail is the next stop should she continue.

Casey George, 34, appeared in Maryborough Magistrates Court and pleaded guilty to two drug possession charges and an unlawful shoplifting charge.

Police Prosecutor Senior Constable Angela Trevaskis said police stopped and searched Ms George's vehicle on July 19 and found a clip seal bag with four white, diamond-shaped tablets.

"They were prazosin, which is a schedule four prescription drug. The defendant stated they were given to her by a friend, that they lowered the blood pressure to aid in going to sleep," Constable Trevaskis said.

"On July 26, police were conducting patrols when they observed a male and female running away from Aldi supermarket. Police spoke to the defendant who appeared to be nervous … and removed a bit of bud from her back pocket."

Constable Trevaskis said it was a small bud of marijuana.

"Police attended Aldi and confirmed a bag of groceries had just been stolen from the shop. The defendant said they dumped the bag along the side of the road when they saw police."

Duty Lawyer Morgan Harris said it should be noted Ms George was fully cooperative with police and was semi-homeless when she committed the offences.

"In the bag it was milk and party pies, at least partially, this can be put down to sustenance," Mr Harris said.

"She was going through a very tough time in her life."

Magistrate Graeme Tatnell noted 16 previous offences committed by Ms George since 2016, saying she had "thumbed her nose at the court."

"They're not the most serious of drug related offences either but you start taking notice of what the court is telling you, otherwise you'll be in the women's prison in Brisbane," Magistrate Tatnell said.

"The only one who can overcome your situation is you … you'll leave the courts with no options if you continue on your way," he said.

Magistrate Tatnell fined Ms George $750 for the drug offences and another $300 for the shoplifting offence.

Convictions were recorded.