Police are responding.
Police are responding.

Detectives called in after shot fired into door of CQ home

UPDATE 2PM: DETECTIVES have been called in after a shot was allegedly fired into the front door of a home in Blackwater this afternoon. 

A Queensland Police Service spokesman said the Criminal Investigation Branch was expected to be called in and an investigation was underway. 

It is understood police that initial responded to the incident recovered one round of spent ammunition from the scene. 


BREAKING 12PM: POLICE are responding to a Blackwater address where a resident has reported someone has 'fired a shot' through their front door.

It is understood the incident has occurred at a Bean Street address, however police are working to ascertain whether the weapon involved was real after a juvenile was previously using a gel blaster in the area.

The resident reported hearing a 'loud bang' before the shot went through the screen and into the timber frame of the door.

Reports suggest a vehicle was sighted speeding away from the scene shortly after.

More to come.