What would you name a blue tongue lizard and bearded dragon?

WHILE a central bearded dragon and an eastern blue tongue lizard can now call the Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere home, they are still in need of a name.

Fraser Coast residents are invited to join in the fun of naming the new friends, which are on loan from the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary.

Co-ordinator Andrew Ellis said the "very cool" new reptile tank, which was completed last week, was just one of countless exhibits that showed what magical habitat and flora and fauna surround the Fraser Coast.

"We try and show people as much as we can about the local environment and the local habitat; hence all our coral are the same sort that can be found just outside the harbour near Round Island.

"All the exhibits are based on local flora and fauna. The lizards are the ones that you're going to find straight outside your back door. It's important to recognise all the different parts that makes up our local environment."

Mr Ellis said visitors could spend hours browsing the countless exhibits with plenty of interactive activities happening daily over the holidays, like watching Larry the lung fish tuck into his favourite meal made up entirely of peas.

"He just loves his peas," Mr Ellis laughed.

Every day at 11.30am, join the team to feed the fish in the coral tank, including resident clown fish Rhonda and Ketut.

This Saturday from 11am, Ray Reville and the Fraser Coast Wildlife Sanctuary team will drop in with the dingoes and the white dingo puppy Spirit, and some snakes and reptiles.

The Fraser Coast Discovery Sphere is located at 166 Old Maryborough Rd, Pialba and is open daily from 10am-4pm. Entry is $7 adults, $5 children, $19 family.