The rescues and events in February for VMR Hervey Bay crew

On the water with Jill Barclay, vice commodore of VMR Hervey Bay.

MARINE Rescue Hervey Bay advise that strong winds have curtailed a lot of the boating activity in the bay over the last month.

You could count on one hand the days that could be considered good boating weather.  

The boaties made the most of it when they could and we could tell when the weather improved as on two of these days we had more than one rescue.  

Of course we also undertook a number of activations in weather that was not ideal.  

In total we handled six breakdowns, one search and three medivacs over the month.

At about 9.30pm on February 6, VMR received a call from the water police to retrieve a 4.5m tinny that had broken down west of Wathumba.

There were three people on board and no radio.  

Leaving the base at 10pm we had the vessel safely back in the harbour by 1am Sunday morning.

On Monday February 2 we received information that a yachtie was overdue on a trip in the Sandy Strait.  

The water police requested VMR undertake a search of the coastline between Moon Point and Garry's Anchorage to see if we could find the missing yacht with one person on board.  

After an hour and a half the water police stood us down when the trailer sailer entered harbour under its own power, totally oblivious to the search for him.

Two medical evacuations from Kingfisher Bay were in very rough conditions with both patients being transported safely to Hervey Bay Hospital.

The third medivac was from a vessel at Coongul where the person had been stung while swimming.

All-in-all a total of 18 people were assisted by Marine Rescue Hervey Bay through February.

Also, the VMR Hervey Bay Family Fishing Competition organized by the Hervey Bay Boat Club will be held this weekend.

There are lots of prizes and lucky draws for those who enter.  

Hopefully the weather will be conducive to lots of entries and good catches.  

For your added safety, log on with Marine Rescue Hervey Bay when you go out - VHF channels 73, 22 or 67 or 27.91MHz, or call on 4128 9666.