BE AWARE: Fraser Coast residents are being warned to be vigilant towards scammers.
BE AWARE: Fraser Coast residents are being warned to be vigilant towards scammers. Contributed

Residents warned: Be aware of scammers

IF IT is too good to be true, it probably is.

Unfortunately the Fraser Coast has recently fallen victim to a number of scams.

A Maryborough woman on Wednesday received an email which claimed she had been issued an infringement notice.

The email said she was required to pay $180.78 and if she did not act within 28 days she may be prosecuted in a Magistrates Court.

Kaylene Ridgely said she immediately recognised the email as illegitimate and contacted SPER.

"I wondered who the people were and how they had my email address," she said.

"It worries me because I'm sure there a lot of older people who don't recognise it's a scam and give out their details.  

The incident comes just days after an Instagram hoax which involved a user who posted a photo of a woman and a cheque for $70m.


The cheque was addressed to Hervey Bay grandparents and the post caption claimed the first 50,000 people to like, share and tag the user in the post would receive $1000.

A Hervey Bay police spokeswoman said there was a clear way to identify if an infringement notice was a scam.

"If you haven't had interaction with police where they've said you're going to get an infringement notice and you hand your email address over then do not open it," she said.

"If you think you may have received a scam email contact Police Link."

All too often, scams involve the Australian Taxation Office.

Just this year, thousands of Australian's were contacted by a person claiming to work for the ATO.

In some cases, scammers would contact residents informing them they did not receive their full tax refund.

In order to receive the money, victims were told to provide their bank details.

Other cases involved scammers demanding fake tax debt or emails which requested personal information.

Anyone with concerns can contact Police Link on 131 444.