cctv cameras
cctv cameras

REVEALED: More cameras in Coast than any Wide Bay council

THE Fraser Coast Regional Council operates more surveillance cameras than any other Wide Bay council, the Chronicle can confirm.

More than 380 CCTV cameras already operate in strategic positions across Hervey Bay and Maryborough, with more on the way after council announced on Wednesday $800,000 will go towards improving coverage.

The Fraser Coast council is already leading the way in surveillance compared to other Wide Bay councils.

Comparatively, the Bundaberg Regional Council has 272 cameras installed in public areas and council-owned centres, while Gympie Regional Council has 80.

The Sunshine Coast Council operates just 42 cameras in public spaces.

Further north at the Cairns Regional Council, which runs a state-of-the-art CitySafe security program in the town CBD, about 258 cameras are installed across the city.

Hervey Bay Chamber of Commerce president Sandra Holebrook said expanding the network would make it safer for businesses and tourists.

Citing the installation of cameras at Main St in Hervey Bay in 2012, Ms Holebrook said installing more cameras was a "good, evidence-based approach" to preventing crime.

"There were so many break-ins down there (Main St) a few years ago and since cameras were installed by businesses there aren't as many reported crimes," Ms Holebrook said.

"The thing is to make sure the coverage is wide and well publicised enough, because crime hotspots will move somewhere else otherwise.

"The cost of crimes like break-ins and vandalism are huge and often non-recoverable... (so) we need this technology to keep us safe."

Ms Holebrook said the tourism sector also stands to benefit from the plan with the emphasised safety in certain areas.

"One of the biggest things that goes against tourism is not feeling safe," she said.

"So with more cameras, it will make visitors to the region far more comfortable about staying longer with us."

The community has been called on to help map out where the new CCTV cameras will be positioned.