REVEALED: Munitions, CBD transformation just the start

MARYBOROUGH is on the verge of its biggest comeback in decades according to the region's business leaders.

The rise of the the city's defence industry, investment in the CBD, and increased demand for heritage properties and prime farming land is providing hope in a climate of high unemployment, crime and falling sugar prices. In recent years, tourism has been at the heart of the plan to reinvent Maryborough.

There were the Mary Poppins-themed attractions, heritage tours, a world-class war memorial and an RV friendly status laying the foundation for a brighter future.

Now, PRDnationwide Maryborough's Tony Nioa says quiet movement on the commercial and industrial real estate front along with strong private and government investment is reshaping the economy and edging up confidence.

While the next five years will tell all, Mr Nioa claims the city is riding an uptake in popularity of heritage-listed buildings and strong sales at the Moonaboola industrial estate where Maryborough's much anticipated munitions factory will be built.

Mr Nioa, whose family who have been in the region since the 60s, said there was significant growth in industry in Maryborough covering hard and soft wood, metal and now a munitions factory.

"The moral of the story is the timber and metal work is good, there are new industries coming into town and we are enjoying good attention from the federal and state government," he said.

Division 4 councillor Daniel Sanderson said he believed the economy in Maryborough was changing and it was an exciting time in the Heritage City's progression. "We are getting that injection we haven't seen in several years, its taken a long time to get to this point," he said. "I've spoke to elderly residents, these are people who have been in Maryborough and outlying areas for decades. We are seeing things change and that's coming from the community."