Revhead’s noisy mistake alerts cops to bigger problem

LOUDLY revving his engine brought a Maryborough man to the attention of police.

But that was just the beginning of the trouble Justin William Hughes, 25, would find himself in.

When they pulled him over on Campbell St, Maryborough, he admitted to drinking alcohol earlier in the day.

He returned a blood alcohol reading of .072.

A bag of marijuana was also spotted by police in the passenger seat.

It contained 58 grams.

Hughes told police it cost him $200 and would last him a month.

The court was told Hughes had also failed to clean up graffiti as directed after an unrelated incident.

The court heard Hughes was working as a painter and had been steadily employed in different industries over the years.

A character reference was submitted to the court, saying Hughes had made an "error of judgment".

"Which error of judgment?" Magistrate Terry Duroux said.

"You were given an opportunity to clean up your mess.

"You've shown disregard to that order.

"You did more than half, but I told you to do 40 hours."

Hughes pleaded guilty to drink-driving, possessing dangerous drugs and contravening a graffiti removal order.

He lost his licence for three months and a conviction was recorded.

He was fined a total of $1500 for the offences and no convictions were recorded for the other offences.