Maryborough Correctional Centre.
Maryborough Correctional Centre. Valerie Horton

Riot breaks out at Maryborough jail

A FIRE was started and windows were smashed by prisoners in a riot which broke out at the Maryborough Correctional Centre on Saturday.

A Queensland Corrective Services spokeswoman said the protest began about 4:50pm, with a small number of prisoners breaking windows and being non-compliant.

The fire caused a prison officer to be transported to hospital after being overcome by smoke.

It was quickly extinguished by the prison's deluge system.

The prisoners were contained in the exercise yard in the secure unit, and the emergency response team and Delta Unit worked to safely extract prisoners and lock the unit down.

During the protest prisoners accessed a medication tray.

A number of prisoners were later transported by QAS after showing signs of smoke inhalation and/or drug ingestion.

The centre is now quiet.

The incident will be investigated by CSIU with oversight by the Office of the Chief Inspector.

The cause of the riot is still under investigation.