Howard flood gauge vandals condemned by disaster leader

FRASER Coast disaster co-ordinator Mal Churchill has condemned an act of vandalism that damaged vital flood monitoring equipment near Howard.

Speaking at this week's Fraser Coast Regional Council ordinary meeting, Mr Churchill said he wanted to raise the vandalism in a public environment so people became aware of the act.

"That type of equipment, to cut the wires, to stop the effects of the rain gauge, what does that do?" Mr Churchill asked.

"It doesn't give us the data to work with, it doesn't give the people the data to work with who do check the Bureau of Meteorology site regularly, it endangers a whole community."

Mr Churchill said the rain and river height gauge could be repaired but he questioned why anyone would want to jeopardise the safety of residents.

Fraser Coast Mayor Gerard O'Connell said he was disappointed to learn of the incident and urged people who see someone tampering near rain and river height gauges to contact the council or police.