Truck kills man on suburban street

POLICE have closed off a street in Beenleigh after a 30-year-old man died in a freak event when he was hit by a truck in the suburban street just before 11am on Saturday.

The forensic crash unit was investigating. The man lived at nearby Boronia Heights.

Police said the man was loading a car on to a trailer for a friend in Sunrise St at Beenleigh when the collision occurred.

Members of the family said the man was in front of the trailer when the truck hit the back of the trailer.

It is beleived the man was caught between his four-wheel drive and the trailer and the impact caused severe facial damage.

The man's family was consoling his mother, father and sister at the Sunrise St address.

Ambulance officers were called to the scene, where neighbours rushed out of homes to help.

Neighbours watched in horror as police held up tarpaulins while the man's badly-injured body was placed in a body bag.

Police told family members they could visit the coroner's office tomorrow.

Originally published as Road closed; pedestrian fights for life after hit by truck