STAY SAFE: Bob's Tyres managers Tony Edwards and Chris Wicks.
STAY SAFE: Bob's Tyres managers Tony Edwards and Chris Wicks. Jodie Callcott

Road trip safely this holiday season

STAY safe on the roads this holiday season by ensuring your car tyres are in a good condition.

Bob's Tyres owner Bob Wicks had a strong message for locals who are travelling this Christmas.

"The only thing keeping you alive are those four tyres," Mr Wicks said.

"You need to make sure the tyres are fine, you need to make sure there's tread on the tyres and that the tyres are pumped up sufficiently."

He said motorists who planned to tow a caravan or camper trailer had to take an extra measure to stay safe.

"If you're going to hook your caravan or camper trailer on to it, it adds a whole new ball game because the suspension needs to be checked," he said.


Bob's Tyres Maryborough manager Chris Wicks added motorists who neglected the tyres on their caravan or camper trailer risked having an accident.

"The flatter a tyre is, the hotter it gets and then all of a sudden, they just go bang," he said.

"On an average person's car, they'll get four or five years out of a set of tyres.

"But caravans and boats, we pull them off and they're anywhere between 12 and 17 years old and you can see big cracks starting to appear, so it can be pretty dangerous."

Mr Wicks said motorists tended to forget about their spare tyre, which is just as important as the rest of the tyres.

"The problem is people don't worry about the spare until they're sitting on the side of the road somewhere with a tyre blown out, then they're in deep trouble, because they don't have a spare," he said.

"They need to make sure the car is safe.

"It saves a lot of heart ache sitting on the side of the road."


Mr Wicks urged motorists to have their tyres checked by a professional before heading off on holidays.

"They should be able to take their car into any tyre shop, and there's plenty of them on the Fraser Coast, and drive them in and get somebody there to just give the car a once over," he said.

"They won't charge you to do that."