SPECIAL BIRTHDAY: Robbie Roberson reads one of the cards he received after turning 102.
SPECIAL BIRTHDAY: Robbie Roberson reads one of the cards he received after turning 102. Alistair Brightman

Robbie's pearls of wisdom at 102

AT 102, Alfred (Robbie) Roberson is well-placed to give some life advice.

Celebrating his birthday this week, Mr Roberson told the Chronicle it's simple: "Take each day as it comes."

Born in Bega, Mr Roberson lived with his parents and step sister.

He left school in grade seven to help on a farm before going on to work at a pharmacy.

Five years later, Mr Roberson became an apprentice painter which allowed him to travel.

He then moved to Queensland to work on a dairy and pineapple farm.

When World War Two broke out in Europe, Mr Roberson signed up for the Lighthorse Brigade but could not work as a full time soldier.

"They wouldn't take me because I was working on a farm and they were concerned about food shortages," he said.

"I did work in the fifth Lighthorse in Gympie from my farm but later I moved to Toowoomba and joined the regiment there."


Since then, Mr Roberson has lived in Gympie, Brisbane, where he started a family with his wife Jean, and Sydney.

Not long after, he moved back to Brisbane where he retired and started travelling.

He later moved to the Fraser Coast where he now resides at RSL Care's Baycrest Retirement Village.

Mr Roberson had two children and now has seven grandchildren and 15 great-grandchildren.

His daughter, Kay Power, said it was "absolutely wonderful" her father had reached such a major milestone.

"He's an absolute treasure," she said.

"We had one lady come in (to Baycrest) today and said he's a gentleman, which he is.

"He's lived a lovely life with his wife (Jean) and he travelled a lot.

"When mum passed away dad did a lot of cruising."

Five to be exact.

When asked if he had any secrets to living until the ripe old age of 102, Mr Roberson cheekily replied:

"I've lived a pretty good life... I've never been on the drugs!"