PERIOD PAIN: The tax on tampons has been a controversial one.
PERIOD PAIN: The tax on tampons has been a controversial one. Contributed

OPINION: Robbing Peter to pay Paul in plan to axe tampon tax

THE Labor Party has announced plans to shelve the tampon tax should it come to power in the next federal election.

The fact that tampons and pads are taxed with a GST as "luxury items" is absurd, and I'd applaud any move to change this.

However, I raise an eyebrow at the devil in the detail.

Opposition spokesperson for health Catherine King said to make up for getting rid of one tax, a new one would be introduced.

Should the luxury tax on women's hygiene items be dumped?

This poll ended on 07 May 2018.

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Yes. It's unfair to tax them as luxury items when similar items are not.


No, the tax is fair.


I'm not sure.


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In a case of robbing Peter to pay Paul, 12 GST-free alternative medicines would pick up where the tampons leave off.

The benefits of herbalism and naturopathy may be questionable for some, but for others, these treatments complement their healthcare needs.

And in a free world we're all free to treat our ailments as we see fit.

Scrapping one tax only to replace it with another seems counter-productive.

Surely there's a better solution?