A ROCKHAMPTON company has landed a significant contract with Adani as construction of the mining giant's Carmichael Rail project forges ahead.

The contract, worth more than $9 million, has been awarded to Stresscrete to manufacture girders and supply concrete culverts for the rail project.

The Rockhampton-based company, that was heavily involved in the Yeppen South Project, will produce girders locally, which will then be used throughout the rail corridor for the bridges that will be built over permanent waterways.

Adani Mining CEO Lucas Dow said providing jobs and helping to support an economic boost for regional communities was more important than ever.

"We're very pleased to be able to add Stresscrete to our list of Rockhampton-based contractors during what is a very difficult time for everyone," Mr Dow said.

"This Stresscrete contract will provide a significant injection into the local economy and it's not just the direct jobs that are important, but the indirect jobs that are supported as a result of these sorts of contracts and the broader impact such work has on regional communities and families.

"They will be providing essentially structures that go along the length of our rail line and be used in bridges and so forth. 

"At a time when our country is facing some of its toughest challenges, we're determined to deliver on our commitments of jobs and opportunities and we remain on track to create more than 1500 direct jobs during the construction and ramp up of our project and some further 6,750 indirect jobs.

"Importantly, all of our employees, contractors and suppliers are carrying out work in line with Queensland Health and the Federal Government COVID-19 restrictions, in order to keep our people, their families and the community safe."

Mr Dow explained the flow on effects of the contract. 

"The important part of this is it's creating jobs locally in Rockhampton but importantly and particularly in these challenging times, it's going to flow on to indirect jobs as well," he said. 

"Those folks that work for Stresscrete, when we finally get pubs and restaurants reopening, they are going to be spending money in those places and we are going to see those benefits flow through Rockhampton."

Stresscrete owner Craig Zinn said his company would produce 240, 60 tonne girders. 

"We expect to be producing those over an approximately six month period and starting some time in July," Mr Zinn said. 

"From the onset the Carmichael project has always been pushing local industry and predominately between us here in Rockhampton and Townsville, and I think it can only be a good thing for the economy because as we get busier, there will be more employment opportunities for workers and I think that has got to help the community." 

Mr Zinn said Stresscrete would require additional workers to deliver the contract.

"The more we can employ the better I think," he said. 

He said contracts like this were important to support the broader Rockhampton community, especially in light of COVID-19.

"It is great to see businesses like Adani continuing to support regional businesses and the flow on effect this has to the broader community," Mr Zinn said.

"Stresscrete is proud to be part of the Rockhampton business community and to support industry through the Carmichael Project."