Parker and Kelvin Carolan at the Rockhampton Anzac Day parade.
Parker and Kelvin Carolan at the Rockhampton Anzac Day parade. Michelle Gately

Rocky kids keen to keep the Anzac Day tradition alive

PARKER Carolan marched proudly beside his grandfather Kelvin Carolan at Rockhampton's Anzac Day parade yesterday, wearing a few of his grandfather's medals.

The pair were marching with the Naval Association of Australia.

The nine-year-old Berserker State School student said he was marching to remember and celebrate those who fought for our country.

"It is important we keep celebrating Anzac Day to show our respect,” Parker said.

He said it was important other kids keep the tradition alive and continue to celebrate Anzac Day.

Mr Carolan, 71, worked as an electrician on escort ships to Vietnam and back between 1964-1973. He said he was very proud of Parker and was also happy to see the number of other children marching with their parents or grandparents.

"That's why we fought,” he said.

"It is important people remember Anzac Day and it is important kids know what happened.”

Mr Carolan said working in the navy opened up a lot of opportunities and life experiences for him back in the day.

"By the time I turned 20 I was halfway around the world. I had gone to the United States, Canada, Japan, Hong Kong and Singapore,” he said.

"It gave me a lot of great opportunities and it gives young people the chance to find themselves.”