Inside Rod Walsh's replica of Noah's Ark
Inside Rod Walsh's replica of Noah's Ark

Rod's out to prove there really was Noah's Ark and dinos

ARMED with a replica of Noah's Ark that took him 600 hours to build, Rod Walsh sees himself as something of a myth buster with his sights set firmly on evolution theory.

The Geelong man travels the country with his wife Nancy determined to spread the message that the flood of the Bible did happen, that Noah's Ark was a real boat of huge proportion, and yes it even took with it small dinosaurs.

Mr Walsh's two metre ark  model is 72 times smaller than the real deal which he says was the length of three Olympic swimming pools, four storeys high - and large enough to carry about 130,000 animals over its three levels.

He has crafted seven scale models of the ark which are being used around the world by Creation Ministries to counter evolution teaching arguing we all descended from the 'last universal ancestor' - a single cell organism - some 3.5 billion to 3.8 billion years ago.

Rod Walsh spent 600 hours building a replica of Noah's Ark.
Rod Walsh spent 600 hours building a replica of Noah's Ark.

During his presentations, Mr Walsh gives examples that he says disproves much of the fossil-based reasoning that the earth is billions of years old.

He takes particular offence that evolution is taught as gospel at schools when so many of the foundations of the theory have been disproved by modern day science.

Much of the presentation focuses on inconsistencies in fossils with Mr Walsh arguing that everything from the Grand Canyon to fossils of 25 metre trees standing up - are 'monuments' to the flood'.

"Who believes a tree could stand up for a million years and not rot any. I don't think so,'' he tells the crowd at a Coast church this week.

"Some of these tree logs (fossils) are upset down. How did they get that way?''

He questions why there is no erosion in between layers of earth said to be 600 million years old, while Victoria's 12 Apostles have twindled to seven despite the landmarks being said to have been formed from erosion just 10 to 20 million years ago.

As to the curly question of dinosaurs, Mr Walsh says the Bible talks about a 'behemoth' with a tail the size of  a cedar tree. He says he is sure there was a small dinosaur on the ark, along with 'one of every kind' of animal, but not every specie.

Children have been fascinated by the replica of Noah's Ark.
Children have been fascinated by the replica of Noah's Ark.

Mr Walsh will speak at Nambour's New Life Assembly of God church today at 9am and Grace Christian Church in Buderim at 6pm.

He will be at Coolum Beach Christian College on Friday night at 7pm before speaking at Lifepoint Baptist Church  in North Buderim next Sunday at 9.30am.

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The Bible says Noah's Ark was 300 by 50 by 30 cubits - about 140 by 23 by 14 metres.

Its volume was 43,000 cubic metres - the same as 522 standard US railroad stock cars.

It's length is about the size of three Olympic swimming pools or the MCG.

It could hold about 130,000 animals over its three levels

Creationists believe the flood happened about 4500 years ago and the earth was created by God in six days.