UPDATE (11.30am):  A MAYORAL minute from Cr Loft to seek a proposal from the LGAQ to deliver a professional development strategy to address issues relating to "the CPEN and other reports...relating to the performance of the elected members of this council" has been carried by council.

The motion was carried unanimously.

EARLIER (10.30am): The Fraser Coast Regional Council has formed a new aviation group to further business opportunities for airports in the region.

Cr Paul Truscott, who holds the portfolio for aviation, moved to establish the group, which will advise council on items including route development, FIFO opportunities, tourism opportunities and development.

The motion was carried unanimously.

Cr Truscott also moved to include members of the aviation industries onto the committee.

"I think it's a great opportunity...it is right we can include expressions of interest for people who are in the industry, as members of the committee," he said.

Cr Denis Chapman is also supportive of the idea, given the need to expand the airports in the region.

"I really appreciate your initiative (Cr Truscott) and I'd like this to go ahead."

EARLIER: HOT on the heels from the dismissal of chief executive Lisa Desmond, we're bringing you rolling coverage of the next meeting for the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

And public participation is all about Bauple.

Marc and Yolande Bromet have made submissions to council about the Bauple Report, which is due to be voted on by councillors today.

The report, compiled from community submissions and a lengthy engagement process, makes recommendations about the long and short-term business plans for the community.

But the Bromets aren't satisfied with the reports, stating the report did not engage with the facts.

"Clearly, not all the options have been provided to you...the administration has failed to provide you with true and full disclosure of the fact," Marc said.

"The future of Bauple is in your hands - it is not in the hands of the community," Yolande said.

Cr Anne Maddern rebutted some of the comments, stating council did seek legal advice on the issues.

"We had a meeting with the Bauple Museum Committee yesterday, it was really positive...councillors were very happy to assist them," she said.

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