Hervey Bay Bachelorette contestant at the cocktail party.
Hervey Bay Bachelorette contestant at the cocktail party. Contributed

ROLLING COVERAGE: Bay bachelor's quest for love continues



Mitch and his dream of love in the bachelorette mansion is over after he didn't receive a rose.

Oh - and Zac Efron lite was ousted as well.

The good news for the ladies of Hervey Bay?

Mitch is still single.

Wishing you all the best in the search for love, Mitch!



It's the rose ceremony.

Cross your fingers peeps.


Oh no.

Things have gone a bit pear shaped for our Bay boy.

He asked Angie not to give him a rose if he won't be there at the end.

She hasn't taken the ultimatum well.

Can't she see this is the result of some top-notch painkillers for his poor ankle?!


Hervey Bay hottie Mitch has been pulled aside by Angie.

She's wondering why he wasn't on the group date.

Mitch rolled his ankle, which probably happened when Fireman Jamie tripped him with his fire hose.


Fireman Jamie is getting called out by the boys because he'd rather spend time with Angie than them.

But no one's putting Jamie in the bro-zone.


Fireman Jamie could hardly wait to break the bro pact.

Timm reckons she might need a restraining order after this.

We thinking plastic surgery, a name change and time in the witness protection program might also be necessary if she sends this stage five clinger packing.


Cocktail party has started!

They are trying to set ground rules for time with Angie.

This always ends well.


Think there is a bit of regret from Mitch here for not going on the group date.

But honestly being pushed down the stairs by a six foot five fireman is enough to unsettle anyone.

He's saying Angie will have to come find him, but we all know that's not really how this show works.


British Hottie gets some alone time after clearly paying off Rusty the dog in what was honestly the biggest bribery scandal since that time Felicity Huffman got sent to prison.


Doing some dog agility at tonight's group date. 

Loving how uncooperative these pooches are.

They do not care about their quest for love at all!



There's a new man in the house and Angie knows him.

And his into furry creatures just like her.

This show has really gone to the dogs.

7.45PM: Uh oh.

Mitch hasn't shown up for the group date.

He hurt his ankle apparently.

We're sensing a Tonya Harding-style incident involving Fireman Jamie.

7.40PM: A bit of toothpaste makes it alright on the night and Jackson scores a kiss and a rose.

7.35PM: A sky high date might sound ideal but actual vomit will kill the romance every time.

As someone who gets diabolical motion sickness, my heart (and guts) go out to Angie.

7.30PM: Here we are again, on another single date.

This time it's the handsome Jackson who is the first cab off the rank.

Let's have another look at the competition.

7PM: WELCOME back to the most loved up rolling coverage on the net as Hervey Bay's Mitch Gould continues his quest for love on The Bachelorette.

Our reality TV star is just minutes away from hitting our screens, so buckle up, it's sure to be an exciting ride.