The Fraser Coast Regional Council meeting at Glenwood Community Hall.
The Fraser Coast Regional Council meeting at Glenwood Community Hall. Carlie Walker

ROLLING COVERAGE: Council goes bush for monthly meeting

TODAY the Fraser Coast Regional Council meeting is being held at Glenwood Community Hall.

Dozens of people have turned up to participate and observe the proceedings.

It's standing room only as public participation gets underway.

11.15AM: The motion has been passed 9-2 with Cr Seymour and Cr Chapman voting against the proposal

11.05AM: The proposed amendments have been defeated eight to three.

But it was accepted that the use of the lights would be reduced by half an hour, meaning the lights would now be gradually turned off at 8.30pm.

Now the original motion will be debated.

The total cost of installing the lights would be $41,500 and completion would take 10 weeks.

The operational cost of lighting the park was estimated at $315 per year plus maintenance and repairs.

The proposal said community consultation was limited due to time constraints.

But the idea was objected to by adjacent residents due to concerns about night time use.

10.50AM: Cr Seymour is speaking out against the motion.

He said lights weren't in the initial design. 

Cr Seymour said he would move a motion for lighting at the Torquay Rd Skate Park.

Cr Paul Truscott said the addition of CCTV at the site could be a worthwhile option.

Speaking out in support of the motion is Cr Daniel Sanderson, who says it's a healthy, fun activity for young people and he believes the area should be lit up for a few hours of a night.

But Cr David Lewis has expressed his concerns, adding that he was in favour of lighting the park on Friday and Saturday nights but not seven days a week.

Cr Chapman said the new skate park, built 300 metres from the existing park, was now of concern to residents, who had been informed there would be no lighting.

He questioned whether the money spend on the new skate park would have been better spent upgrading the existing park near commercial properties rather than adding a park in a residential area and then adding lighting.

10.45AM: A motion to install lighting at the new Pialba Skate Park is before the council.

The original motion indicated the lighting would be used for special occasions and on Friday and Saturday nights.

The proposal was for the lights to be on until 9pm, with the lighting to be gradually reduced over 10 minutes, however the council is now considering whether that should be amended to 8.30pm.

A possible amendment was also raised questioning if the lighting could be used seven days a week, as is the case at Maryborough Skate Park.

Councillor David Lewis has raised concerns that gradually dimming the lights instead of turning them off immediately could raise safety issues.

10.35AM: After much debate, the Biosecurity Plan was adopted by a vote of eight to three.

10.30AM: A debate regarding the council's Biosecurity Plan has broken out at Glenwood.

Particular concerns have been raised by Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour regarding the use of 1080 to bait pest animals.

He said the poison caused a slow and painful death and he was not in favour of its use.

Councillors Denis Chapman and James Hansen made the point that at the moment there was no alternative to 1080 when it came to managing pest animals.

Councillor Anne Maddern said alternatives to 1080 were being trialled.

Councillor Stuart Taylor has added his voice to those speaking out about 1080.

10.25AM: A proposal to extend the opening hours of libraries in Burrum Heads and Howard has been approved unanimously.

Opening hours have also been changed on Saturdays from 8am to 11am to 9am to 12pm to help meet peak customer demands.

In Howard, the library hours will extend from 15 hours a week to 24 hours a week, while Burrum Heads Library will increase its hours from 11 hours to 24 hours a week.

10.15AM: A motion for the amendment of Animal Management Service is before the council.

The aim is improve the level of animal management service, increasing the operating hours at the pounds in Maryborough and Hervey Bay, increased staff and working hours and improved response to dog attacks, nuisance barking and wandering dogs.

Saturday patrols would also be conducted at peak season, including along the Esplanade and at the region's beaches.

Longer hours are intended to be in place at Fraser Coast pounds by January next year.

The motion was passed unanimously.

10AM: The council meeting has started with a prayer from Pastor Brian Briggs from Lighthouse Christian Church in Bauple.

He prayed for wisdom for the council and for rain

9.30AM: Graham Wode has made a submission about conducting council meetings in small communities on a Moreno regular basis and the public participation part of the meeting has concluded.

9.20AM: Don Scott from the Glenwood Progress Association has raised bushfire concerns regarding the Glenwood community, urging the council not to forget the region's smaller rural communities.

He was particularly concerned about overgrown verges and private properties in the area.

9.10AM: Jeanne Scott from the Glenwood Progress Association has shared her concerns that Glenwood Community Hall is no longer big enough to service the area.

She said she hopes there is the possibility of building a bigger hall on another site so the community will have the use of the exisiting hall while a new one is built.

Council chief executive Ken Diehm said funding would be needed. 

9AM: The public participation has kicked off with the submission of a petition regarding dog attacks in Glenwood.

Concerned resident Barbara Sullivan said animals in the region had been attacked by the roaming dogs.

The petition was accepted by the council.