The Fraser Coast Regional Council is meeting in Maryborough.
The Fraser Coast Regional Council is meeting in Maryborough. Carlie Walker

ROLLING COVERAGE: Council meeting underway in Maryborough

11.40AM: The council has voted on a motion to grant rates concessions to 11 properties on the Fraser Coast Local Heritage Register.

The council committee to provide rates concessions for Local Heritage property owners who can demonstrate they have taken action to preserve, restore or maintain the heritage significance of their property.

Twelve applications were received with one not meeting application requirements at initial eligibility assessment. 

The council voted unanimously to apply the full amount of the local heritage rates concession - $500 per property for 2019/2020 to the 11 properties.

The motion was passed unanimously.

11.35AM: The council has voted in favour of adopting amendments to roll out grant funding to artists through the Regional Arts Development Fund recognising the changes that have occurred in the community as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Artists, musicians and performers have lost their source of income and the proposal would allow the council to support artists with quick response grants and opportunities to purchase equipment to support digital art creation and delivery.

The motion was passed unanimously.

11.33AM: The motion passed 9-2 after much debate.

11.28AM: Cr Jade Wellings said the debate over parking highlighted a larger issue of parking problems in Maryborough. 

She said she had voted in favour of Cr Chapman's amendment because she agreed the exemption should be limited.

Cr Wellings said she did not believe council should be above the rest of the community.

11.23AM: Cr Chapman has moved to limit the exemption to days when meetings are held in Maryborough during the time of the meeting in the vicinity of the Maryborough City Hall.

Cr Seymour said there was an abundance of unlimited parking at the Brolga Theatre with a nice stroll through Queens Park.

Cr Chapman said he would be "very sweaty in his suit" or could be attacked by a magpie and it was convenient to park closer to the hall.

The motion to amend the motion was lost 5-6.

11.14AM: Cr Seymour has reiterated his belief that they should not be exempt from a local law that applies to every other citizen and the amended motion goes to a vote.

11.13AM: The council has voted 8-3 to amend the motion.

11.07AM: An amendment to the proposal has been proposed in regards to councillors being exempt from regulated parking. 

The amendment is to allow councillors to continue to be exempt from regulated parking.

The issue is particularly in regards to council meetings in Maryborough, with parking around the CBD limited to two or four hour parking.

Cr Paul Truscott said the issue of parking was actually greater than that, particularly as being a councillor was not a typical 9-5 job.

Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour said he is against councillors being above the same laws that apply to every other person on the Fraser Coast.

11AM: A motion regarding the amended expenses reimbursement and provision of facilities for mayor and councillors policy is before the council.

The proposed amendments include the removal of reimbursement for a divisional office, removal of reimbursement for a home telephone line and removal of exemption to comply with regulated parking areas.  

10.56AM: Councillors Daniel Sanderson, Paul Truscott and Zane O'Keefe were appointed to the Sister Cities Committee.

10.55AM: Phil Truscott was the successful councillor with Paul Truscott named proxy.

10.50AM: Both Cr Truscotts have put their hands up to be on Maryborough & District Committee on the Ageing.

It will go to a vote.

10.48AM: Cr Truscott and Cr Lee have been appointed to the committee.

10.43AM: Voting is now underway for the Wide Bay Water and Waste Water Advisory Committee.

Two positions are available and three councillors have nominated.

Those councillors include Cr Darren Everard, Cr David Lee and Cr Paul Truscott. 

10.40AM: Cr Denis Chapman has been appointed to the committee with Cr O'Keefe to be his official proxy if he is unavailable. 

10.36AM: Cr Zane O'Keefe and Denis Chapman have both nominated for the Traffic Advisory Committee.

This one will be decided by a vote.

10.35AM: The constitution of the Environmental Advisory Committee has been double checked and two councillors can in fact sit on the committee. The vote has been called off.

10.30AM: Ballots have been distributed by council CEO Ken Diehm.

Councillors have cast their votes and the ballots are now being counted.

10.20AM: The council is looking to appoint councillors to represent the council on a variety of committees across the region.

Councillor David Lewis and Councillor James Hansen have both nominated for the Environmental Advisory Committee.

Only one position on the committee is available.

It will be put to a ballot.

EARLIER: The first monthly meeting of the Fraser Coast Regional Council is now underway.

After the post-election meeting last week in which Deputy Mayor Darren Everard was voted in, the council is meeting to discuss other issues concerning the region.

Social distancing measures remain in place at Maryborough City Hall.