The council meeting in Maryborough on June 24.
The council meeting in Maryborough on June 24.

ROLLING COVERAGE: Council meeting underway in Maryborough

THE council meeting is underway in Maryborough this morning.

There are plenty of items on the agenda this morning, including a vote on whether the developer of the historic arch at the former Maryborough flour mill will get permission to knock the structure down.

10.45AM: Councillor Paul Truscott has moved that the motion to knock down the arch way lie on the table for further consideration.

10.55AM: Cr Truscott's motion has been defeated 6-5 and the motion for the demolition of the archway will proceed to a vote.

10.57AM: Councillor Jade Wellings has questioned whether the state of the archway was considered before it was heritage listed.

10.58AM: She has also asked about whether what was expected of developers was explained to them when purchasing property listed on the heritage register. 

She has been told that was outlined on the council website.

Cr Wellings has asked whether the structure needs to be maintained by the owner of the property.

She has been told there is no existing law requiring that.

11.27AM: The council has heard its "reasonably feasible" to make the structure safe.

11.38AM: An amendment has been suggested if the demolition is refused, for the council to help the developer pave a way forward and find potential funding sources to save the arch and allow the project to go ahead. 

11.40AM: Mayor George Seymour is speaking about the heritage value of the archway.

11.44AM: Cr Wellings has spoken in favour of moving the structure across the road to the rose gardens and council undertaking the necessary work to save the archway, but that has been taken off the table, she said.

11.46AM: Councillor David Lewis said there had been 13 submissions regarding the structure and that it would be gutting for those who wanted to keep the archway to see it torn down.

11.55AM: Cr Denis Chapman said more should be done to work with the developer.

He said there hasn't been much development in Maryborough over the past 10 years.

Cr Chapman voiced his concerns the structure could fall and kill someone.

12PM: Councillor James Hansen said the developer knew what he was getting into when he bought the property, including the archway.

12.05PM: The motion to add the amendment to assist the developer in finding funds to make the structure safe has been approved.

12.06PM: The application for demolition was refused, but the amendment to assist the applicant to find funding to restore the arch passed.

12.13PM: The councillors have stopped for lunch.

12.45PM: A motion to consider a new mechanism for the provision of ongoing support to Maryborough Open Gardens event is before the council.

The recommendation is to provide up to $5000 annually to Maryborough Open Gardens auspiced by Maryborough Horticultural Society for a period of three years exclusively for the operation of the Maryborough Open Gardens event and to authorise the Chief Executive Officer to enter into a sponsorship agreement with the Maryborough Horticultural Society for a period of three years

The motion passed unanimously.

12.46PM: A motion to minimise the use of single-use plastic straws is before the council.

The motion to eliminate single use plastic and plastic straws at council functions, events and venues along with discouraging the use of single use straws at council supported events and by licenced food vendors at public events has been passed unanimously.

12.50PM: A motion is before council discussing the installation of red and purple benches on the Fraser Coast.

The recommendation was that a Purple Bench be installed within Scarness Park and a bench seat be provided to the Hervey Bay Neighbourhood Centre to be utilised as a Red Bench project at the Hervey Bay Community Centre facility.

One councillor has suggested it be installed at the botanic gardens instead for a quieter place for reflection.

The motion has passed.