The first meeting of the Fraser Coast Regional Council has social distancing measures in place.
The first meeting of the Fraser Coast Regional Council has social distancing measures in place.

ROLLING COVERAGE: Deputy mayor decided in meeting

10.54AM: The meeting has been completed.

The first regular meeting of the council will be held next Wednesday.

10.49AM: Cr Everard has asked for after-hours council meetings to be held in Hervey Bay and Maryborough after the coronavirus crisis.

He said people had approached him to say they were working during council meetings but would be interested in attending and seeing the process.

The motion was carried unanimously. 

10.47AM: Councillor Darren Everard has been elected deputy mayor.

10.43AM: A ballot is now being carried out among the councillors to elect the deputy mayor.

10.37AM: The time has come to elect the deputy mayor for the Fraser Coast Regional Council.

Division 7 Councillor Darren Everard is standing for the role.

He was the deputy mayor before the election and he said the two years he was in the role had taught him a lot.

Cr Everard said with the region in unchartered waters, he felt he had something to offer to help guide the Fraser Coast through the difficult times, as well as having the contacts to work with other levels of government.

Councillor Denis Chapman is also standing for the position, saying he felt the time was right for him to be deputy mayor.

He said he wanted to build a team and help lead the region forward.

He thanked Cr Everard for his contribution in the role.

"I just feel the time is right for me to have a go," he said.

10.34AM: Mayor George Seymour has thanked outgoing councillors and congratulated the re-elected and new councillors who have joined the team.

10.33AM: Division 10 Councillor Zane O'Keefe has congratulated the community on turning out strongly to vote in spite of the coronavirus crisis.

10.32AM: Councillor Darren Everard has acknowledged the coronavirus crisis and said the council will be focussed on getting the community through the difficult time.

10.30AM: New Division 2 Councillor Phil Truscott said his overall aim was to make the Fraser Coast a better place to live.

"I do believe this is a great team," he said, acknowledging that it was good to have a female presence in Cr Wellings.

10.27AM: Councillor James Hansen said his goals for the next four years were simple - roads, drainage upgrades and a focus on agriculture.

He said he was undecided on whether he would run in the last election and this could well be his last term.

He said he was committed to doing his best for the community.

10.26AM: Councillor Daniel Sanderson said he was humbled to be there representing the community.

He said the councillors should never forget who they were serving.

"We are governing an incredible organisation," he said.

10.25AM: Councillor Denis Chapman now has the floor.

He has thanked his voters in his division and the candidates who ran against him.

He said he was committed to representing the region to the best of his ability.

10.20AM: Councillor Jade Wellings said she was proud to be part of the team.

She said given most of the councillors were re-elected it was clear the community had faith in the work the council had been doing.

10.15AM: Councillors David Lewis and Paul Truscott have both thanked former councillors Anne Maddern and Rolf Light for their contributions.

Both retired ahead of the March election.

The contributions of former councillor Stuart Taylor have also been recognised.

He lost the vote for Division 9 to new councillor David Lee.

EARLIER: The first meeting of the new Fraser Coast Regional Council is underway with social distancing measures in place as a result of the coronavirus pandemic.

Three new councillors are on deck, Jade Wellings in Division 5, David Lee in Division 9 and Phil Truscott in Division 2.

The meeting is being held at Maryborough City Hall.