The Fraser Coast council meeting is underway.
The Fraser Coast council meeting is underway.

ROLLING COVERAGE: Fraser Coast council meeting underway

THE Fraser Coast council meeting is now underway at Maryborough City Hall.

The now familiar social distancing measures remain in place due to the coronavirus pandemic.

A number of items are before the council today for discussion. 

10.20AM: The work of retiring state member Ted Sorensen has been recognised by Fraser Coast Mayor George Seymour.

He said his time as a councillor, mayor and state member had brought much to the region, including Hervey Bay's airport.

Councillor Denis Chapman said Mr Sorensen was a quiet achiever and also acknowledged the contribution of his wife Jenny.

Councillor David Lee also acknowledged Mr Sorensen's wife and the team around him who supported him during his career.

Councillor David Lewis said he didn't think Mr Sorensen had ever lost an election. 

"I'd like to pay tribute to the work his done for the community and certainly wish him and Jenny all the best in retirement."

Councillor Darren Everard also had praise for Mr Sorensen's

contribution to the community and said he hoped he enjoyed his retirement.

10.26AM: The councillors have voted unanimously to present the council with the minute of the Wide Bay Water and Waste Services Advisory Committee meeting held on May 8.

10.33AM: The issue of increased tree planting across the Fraser Coast is become discussed as part of the Open Resolutions Register.

A report has been prepared to provide the council with an update on the status of outstanding council resolutions and matters that have been left to "lie on the table".

10.43AM: The council is voting on changes to the council's informal meeting processes to improve accountability, openness, transparency, probity and integrity of the decision making process.

It has been passed unanimously.

10.47AM: A motion is before council which recommends removing the councillors' exemption from complying with regulated parking.

Legal advice was sought on the matter after the issue was debated during the previous council meeting.

Cr Phil Truscott said getting legal advice would have cost money and he didn't want to see "another cent spent on the issue".

The legal advice found it was unclear whether parking permits can be issued to councillors under section 7(a) of the Subordinate Local Law 5 (Parking) 2011.

The motion to remove the exemption was passed unanimously.

11.04AM: Councillors are nominating for two groups, the Wide Bay Regional Sport and Recreation Committee and the Wide Bay Regional Roads and Transport Group. 

Councillors James Hansen and Councillor Denis Chapman have put their hands up for the two roles available for the roads and transport group.

Both Councillor Daniel Sanderson and Councillor Zane O'Keefe have put their hands up to be on the sport and recreation committee.

Only one position is available.

It will now go to a vote.

11.10AM: Councillor O'Keefe has been elected to the role.

Councillor Sanderson has been appointed his proxy.

11.16AM: A motion is before the council which deals with community members in financial hardship who are unable to pay their rates and charges. 

The motion is aimed at making a framework to support an internal tribunal who will make recommendations regarding the most appropriate assistance to be offered to ratepayers who are experiencing genuine financial hardship. 

It will replace the current system which had an external independent tribunal of community members.

The motion has been carried unanimously.

11.30AM: A motion is before the council to seek endorsement for calling for Expressions of Interest to form the Fraser Coast Inclusive Access Advisory Committee and the draft Terms of Reference for the committee.

The motion has been passed unanimously.

11.35AM: A motion regarding shade cover over Maryborough's 25m pool is before the council.

It recommends a retractable shade option based on seasonal requirements.

Cr Paul Truscott put forward an alternate motion that would include funding for the shade cover to be included in next year's budget rather than deferring the decision to a future master plan exercise. 

The alternate motion passed unanimously.

11.41AM: A motion to place lights in tree in Maryborough's CBD is before the council.

The recommendation is to approve undertaking a formal electrical design to upgrade and replace lights at Lennox St and the City Hall as well as listing the replacement of the lighting in Lennox St and the City Hall for consideration in the council's 10 year Capital Works Plan.

It was carried unanimously.

11.49AM: The council has endorsed the Maryborough and Hervey Bay Parking Strategy as well as a review into Maryborough CBD's Timed Parking Zones as recommended in the report.

Community consultation is to be undertaken in relation to the times parking zones. 

11.56AM: The council has voted unanimously to commit funds to undertake a detailed design for a pathway lighting system for Anzac Park and Ululah pathway lighting system.

The project will be included for consideration in the council's Ten Year Capital Works program and consider the lighting project when external funding opportunities arise.

12.02PM: A proposal for pedestrian access across the Burrum River Bridge between Burrum Town, Torbanlea and Howard is before council.

The motion passed with an amendment to advocate to the State Government for funding for the project. 

12.07PM: A motion regarding the addition of rainwater tanks to all new buildings is before the council.

The report delivered an investigation into the options and considerations for the installation of rainwater tanks to all new buildings.

The recommendation was to receive the rainwater tank cost and benefit report and to resolve to endorse the recommendation that the cost of mandatory or incentivised installation of rainwater tanks on all new buildings outweighed the benefit.

It found that an alternative initiative to to develop an education and demand management strategy encompassing initiatives aimed at sustainable water conservation.

The motion was passed by council.

12.29PM: The issue of fencing Ernie Organ Park Playground because it is used by small children and because of its proximity to the road is being discussed by the council. 

Councillor Jade Wellings said fencing the playground would give parents the option of using a fenced park. 

The motion asked that fencing the park be listed for consideration in the 2020/21 Capital Works Program.

The cost of fencing the park would be $8000.

The motion was carried 10-1.

12.40PM: A motion to list the provision of a public toilet facility at Fixter Park in Toogoom for considerations the 10 Year Capital Works Program has been passed unanimously.

12.47PM: Natural burials could be a thing of the future after the council voted unanimously to investigate the feasibility of developing a site in the Fraser Coast.