The council meeting in Maryborough on June 24.
The council meeting in Maryborough on June 24.

COUNCIL HIGHLIGHTS: Water park, poisoned trees and monuments

1.50PM: Councillors are now discussing a proposed Butchulla memorial for Queens Park.

Cr Lee is speaking in support of the proposal saying he met with Butchulla community representative Glen Miller about the proposed memorial.

Cr Lee is speaking about the important decisions that have happened to recognise the connection of Aboriginal people to the land.

These include the Mabo decision and various Native Title decisions.

The proposed memorial would feature three shields representing the three Butchulla laws, with a musket shot through them, Cr Lee said.

He said it could be a divisive issue but he understood it would make people think about our history.

Cr Chapman also supported the proposed memorial.

"I really feel the Butchulla people, with what is happening with tourism in our reason, the Butchulla people are a part of it," he said.

Councillor Zane O'Keeffe also spoke for the proposed monument.

He said it would be a great community asset.

The motion was carried unanimously.

1.30PM: Cr Seymour is speaking against re-configuring a Beach Rd, Urraween lot in 57 lots for medium density housing.

He said it was not the kind of development he wanted to be responsible for.

Cr Lee says he doesn't like the development based on the size of the lots and the lack of green space.

The councillors are discussing directing the CEO to negotiate with the developer to achieve a better outcome, including green space and lot sizes.

This was voted through unanimously.

12.52PM: Cr Chapman has spoken in support of a Marine and Land Based Tourism Infrastructure Study which he says would help cement Hervey Bay's reputation as the whale watching capital of the world.

Cr Lewis said the study needed to be considered in the context of the plan for the Urangan marina.

12.50PM: The meeting has moved on to discussion of the proposed Anzac Park water play area.

Cr Paul Truscott has proposed the council call a special meeting to select a tenderer for the construction of the park.

This proposal was carried unanimously.

12.40PM: Cr Lewis argues the fence is not a punishment but a preventive measure.

He said the point was to educate and said those who experienced a minor inconvenience should consider "is it too much to ask?"

Cr Lewis said the council had been trying to solve the tree poisoning problem for years and it was "not good enough" to say someone else had to come up with a solution.

He said he did not want to "hurt the innocent" and wanted the fence to remain for as short a time as possible.

Cr Lewis said the councillors did not support the proposal they risked "demoralising council staff".

The proposal to leave the fence in place was narrowly voted through, 6-5.

12.25PM: Cr Chapman has spoken strongly against the barrier fence.

He says it should be in the police's hands to deal with those responsible and the people in the community should not be "punished" by having their view obstructed by a fence.

"A man's home is his castle," Cr Chapman said.

12.25PM: Cr Lee spoke against the barrier fence, saying it punished the innocent residents for the actions of the tree poisoners.

He said signage would be more appropriate and less intrusive.

12.20PM: Cr Wellings asked, if the council did go ahead with leaving a barrier fence in place in Point Vernon, whether it would set a precedent for how the council responds to other tree poisoning incidents.

She gave the example of a tree poisoning in a high tourist traffic area like the Urangan Pier or near Enzos, asking whether a fence would be installed there.

12PM: Cr Lewis says the issue of damaged or poisoned trees in Point Vernon has been ongoing for years.

He says community leaflet drops and media releases have not worked in stopping the damage.

Councillors and council staff are discussing the installation of a barrier fence to stay in place until trees grow back.

It has been suggested the fence needs to be more "attractive" and the site needs to be "tidied up".

Cr Lewis says residents have told him they had seen trees being poisoned and confronted the person responsible but had been "abused" as a result.

He said there were "factions" in the Point Vernon community over the tree poisoning issue.

Cr Lewis said some Mant St residents supported the council's approach of installing a barrier fence.

11.56PM: The meeting has moved on to discussion of poisoned trees at Mant St, Point Vernon.

Community engagement has been undertaken about how to deal with the vegetation damage in this area.

11.50AM: Cr Wellings said the council did not have to take an "all or nothing" approach to the use of glyphosate.

She said the council should look at ways of reducing its use of glyphosate and minimising its risks.

The councillors voted 8-3 to continue using glyphosate.

11.40AM: Cr Seymour said he was against the use of glyphosate which was declared carcinogenic.

He pointed out there had been lawsuits "in the billions" against the companies who produce it.

The mayor said the chemical should not be used and pointed out other Queensland councils had strategies to reduce its use and phase it out in playgrounds and public spaces near schools.

The motion to lay the item on the table was voted down 5-6.

11.25AM: Councillors have moved on to discussing the use of glyphosate.

Councillor Jade Wellings has asked to "lay the item on the table" as she believes more time and information is needed before making a decision about the council's use of the controversial chemical.

Cr Lewis is speaking in favour of glyphosate usage, saying the council can make a decision on the issue and pointing out the chemical is widely used and safe when used correctly.

Councillors and council staff are discussing the risk the chemical poses to waterways and wildlife such as frogs.

The councillors have been told there are different types of the chemical that can be used depending on the risk of entering waterways.

Councillors have also been told the health risk of the chemical is low if it's used according to manufacturer instructions.

10.40AM: ​Councillors are discussing the administration and staff accommodation strategy.

Cr Lee says it is important to get council office buildings is crucial to the management of the council.

10.30AM: Councillor Phil Truscott tabled a petition from more than 200 Tinana residents, asking for burnouts at Tinana Speedway to cease.

Cr Truscott made it clear the residents were not against the speedway itself, just the practice of burnouts because of the "toxic smoke" they generated.

10.25AM: Chief executive officer Ken Diehm is updating the council on what was covered in the public participation section of the meeting.

Speakers included Sarah Murphy who expressed concern with the condition of Toogoom Cane Rd.

Graeme Wode spoke about the need to preserve the former nursing clinic on the corner of Kent and Lennox streets.

Glen Miller spoke in support of the proposed Butchulla monument in Queens Park and provided an update on his application.

Rod Dudgeon spoke to his petition for a 50km/h past Point Vernon businesses.

10.20AM: Cr Everard declared a possible conflict of interest with the proposed placement of CCTV cameras at the Hervey Bay Surf Lifesaving Club.

He said as the president of the club, there was a perceived conflict of interest, though he would not personally benefit from the camera being placed there.

Cr Seymour clarified the CCTV camera would not belong to the club and would be owned by the council.

The councillors voted there was no conflict of interest.

10.15AM: Councillor David Lewis declared a possible conflict of interest with a confidential item, relating to the awarding of a contract.

He said the person involved was a personal friend who helped with his election campaign.

Cr Lewis said he did not believe his association would stop him from voting in the public interest.

Cr Seymour moved that Cr Lewis did have a conflict of interest but that he would still be able to vote on the matter.

10.10AM: Councillor David Lee has declared a perceived conflict of interest with the audit and risk committee.

He said he was a former member of the committee and attended three meetings.

Cr Lee said he was of the view his former membership would not impact his decision making.

Mayor George Seymour moved that Cr Lee did not have a conflict and this was carried unanimously.

Cr Lee also declared a perceived conflict with an item relating to the RSL, saying he was a member of the RSL sub-branch.

He said he did not believe his membership would impact his decision making, saying he was not an executive member.

Deputy mayor Darren Everard asked for clarity around councillors being members of the RSL and whether this needed to be declared as a conflict.

Cr Seymour moved Cr Lee did not have a conflict and this was carried unanimously.

10AM: The council meeting has opened with an acknowledgment of country and a prayer from Reverend Wayne Schneider from the Apostolic Church of Queensland.

THIS month's meeting of the Fraser Coast Regional Council is underway.

It is being held at Maryborough City Hall.

The councillors are socially distanced and ready to debate the issues.