St Mary's College Shooting Stars. Photo: File
St Mary's College Shooting Stars. Photo: File Alistair Brightman

RACE RECAP: Highlights of 24-hour Coast Tech Challenge


THE streets of Maryborough were turned into a race track over the weekend.

The Fraser Coast Technology Challenge included 130 human powered vehicles going head to head over 24 hours.

Schools from around Queensland were joined by interstate teams vying for race glory.

Teams consisting of six to ten drivers spent time behind the wheel of each vehicle competing to master the street circuit and its many twists and bends.

St Mary's Maryborough 'No Worries' team were named overall winner and senior boys' champions after completing 498 laps of the Maryborough circuit.

For this team, the victory was sweet after podium finishes over the past two years.

"We came third in 2017 and second last year," team rider Logan Maile said.

The team have been training twice a week since the beginning of the year to give themselves the best opportunity to claim the prize.

St Mary's HPV coordinator Juanita MacNamara is proud of the commitment from her winning team.

" A lot of heart and soul and hard work went into this win," she said.

The school also scored the third step on the podium with 'Cyclonics'.

"The school is extremely proud of this team and all of the others that competed," MacNamara said.

The teams were split by Rochedale State High School with their 'Go for Broke' vehicle.

In a variety of vehicles made from materials including wood, carbon fibre, fibreglass and Corflute, students raced around the street circuit for 24 hours.

The 18th running of the Challenge had a field of 130 vehicles from Queensland and interstate schools.

Cheered on by spectators and team mates, the racers challenged their vehicles and themselves to complete the marathon.

Fraser Coast Technology Challenge official Karen Spink believes the race is a highlight on the Maryborough calendar.

"It is a fantastic day and event for all who are involved," she said.

James Nash State High School student Zoe Powell agrees with Spink.

"This is my fourth year competing and it is always a great event.

"Nowhere else do you get an opportunity to do this for 24 hours," she said.

The HPV's continued to roll around the track in the darkness of the night but that did not faze the teams.

"Our team had little sleep and lots of fun," said Maryborough Special School team manager Nicole Goldsmith.

"We had a dance contest and danced our legs off," she said.

The one constant from all teams over the two days were the smiling faces.

Lack of sleep was no deterrent to all competitors having fun.

As the chequered flag was waved to signal the end of the race all teams clapped and cheered from the pit wall.

The Fraser Coast Tech Challenge is the penultimate round of the inaugural Queensland HPV Super Series.

The final round will be held in Toowoomba on Saturday October 19.


AFTER a almost 24 hours of gruelling continuous peddling, St Mary's College senior boys team have won the 2019 Human Powered Vehicle race.  

The Maryborough team, who rode their vehicle 'No Worries', finished with 498 laps to be crowned the event's overall winners.  

More to come.


#336 Gin Gin State High School - Evil-oution has broken down on track.

Race stewards are assisting to remove the HPV from the track.

The team from Aldridge State High School are in the pits changing drivers in 'Woody'.

Aldridge State High School bring in vehicle #312 Arrows in to the pits to change drivers.

Pioneer State High School vehicle #38  - Pride has just left the pits after changing drivers.

Electron - #313 - Aldridge State High School swap drivers in the pits.

The 'Wots Up' vehicle from the Maryborough Special School continues to make good progress around the track.

#308 Black Panther - Maryborough State High School is in the pits with a mechanical issue.

Little Miss Sunshine #76 - Riverside Christian College change drivers.

Rockhampton State High School's number #46 is living up to it's name, (Rampage) as it makes it's way through the field.


Driver from #45 Cane Cutters - Isis District State High School is working hard down the Kent Street straight.

#77 Riverside Radioactive - Riverside Christian College is currently working through a crowded pack with good pace.

The Maryborough Special School HPV - 'Wots up" continues to go well around the track.


Sun is starting to lower in the afternoon sky with shadows coming across the Kent Street straight.

Stopwatches are in use in the pits as teams struggle to keep up to date with race information.

Crash with vehicle #20 Rochedale State High School  - Go for Broke overturning into the fence.

All okay with driver pushing the HPV into the pits.


Apologies for limited reports, Wi-fi is intermittent and continuing to drop out due to the large volume of users currently at this event.


Race starting with a warm-up lap now.

Kent Street is filled with HPV's on the street with spectators lining the outside of the track.

Cannon has fired and the vehicles are on their journey for the next 24 hours.

The HPV's are continuing around the circuit and creating their own race pace.

Teams are starting to pit and change drivers.

Under a cloudless sky, drivers will need to keep hydrated during their driving stints.

HPV's continuing to make their way around the track with heat playing a huge factor for drivers.

Live timing is currently unavailable via the App.


Race control continues to record times and laps of the competitors.


A large crowd has gathered to watch the start of the 2019 Tech Challenge.

Race will start in 20 minutes.

Delayed start due to ambulance on the track.


HUMAN POWERED VEHICLES: The Fraser Coast Chronicle will keep you up to date with rolling coverage of the Fraser Coast Tech Challenge.

Coverage will commence from 11.45 am and continue through the afternoon.

Check back in for the colour, action and associated activities surrounding the event.