Ipswich councillors have gathered in the chamber for their monthly council meeting.
Ipswich councillors have gathered in the chamber for their monthly council meeting.

ROLLING COVERAGE: Motion to honour sacked councillor lost

UPDATE: SACKED councillor David Pahlke won't be honoured with a plaque after a motion to honour his legacy and contributions to a local library was lost.

Only councillors Ireland and Tully voted for the motion.

Mayor Harding said sacked councillors did not deserve to be named on public assets and it would take "a long time" to rid Ipswich of the legacy of the former council.

EARLIER (10.48AM): COUNCILLOR Sheila Ireland is addressing councillors on a motion to recognise David Pahlke's contribution to the Rosewood Library.

Cr Ireland said the ex-councillor fought hard to establish the library service for the rural town and the council needed to honour his legacy.

Mr Pahlke, who was sacked in 2018 when the State Government dismissed the council, did not re-contest the March election.

Cr Milligan said he could not agree with the motion as it went against the council's public naming policy.

EARLIER (10.28AM): A NEW committee to oversee the redevelopment of the Ipswich CBD has been established.

With significant council funds being invested in the business district, councillors voted unanimously to set up a standing committee for the Ipswich Central Redevelopment Project.

Councillor Russell Milligan said the CBD was Ipswich's crown jewel and it was important the council "get it right".

EARLIER (9.50AM): IPSWICH council has entered a funding deed with the Brisbane Lions for the development of a new stadium and sports field.

The move paves the way for the development of a new stadium for the team, which would be used for training.

The vote was unanimous.

EARLIER (9.35AM): COUNCILLORS are debating who should be elected to the Cherish The Environment Foundation (CTEF).

The vote was delayed at the last council meeting and has returned for a decision today.

Cr Fechner has nominated himself to stand for the role.

The CTEF aims to support Ipswich's natural environment by increasing the area of natural bushland and supporting sustainable business practices.

"The primary aim of CTEF is to maximise the long-term return on investment in environmental sustainability programs to the people of Ipswich through innovative partnership projects that create new markets, knowledge and business opportunities," council documents state.

EARLIER (9.28AM): MAYOR Harding says there is a multitude of groups and organisations who have been working on the Bremer River, which makes it difficult for the council to manage it.

She has moved a mayoral minute to call for a full report into the council's roles and responsibilities in managing the river system.

Councillors Andrew Fechner and Jacob Madsen have supported the motion.

"There's a huge passion for the river here, and it's a working river," Cr Harding said.

The motion was carried unanimously.

EARLIER (9.20AM): CORONAVIRUS has limited the public's attendance but that hasn't stopped public participation.

Mayor Harding is reading out submissions on a number of motions.

One of the submissions advises councillors against voting to honour sacked councillor David Pahlke with the plaque, as outlined in the agenda.

EARLIER (9.15AM): THE health of Ipswich's waterways and the recognition of a sacked councillor are among some of the exciting topics up for debate at today's council meeting.

All nine councillors are in attendance for today's Ipswich City Council meeting.

Mayor Teresa Harding will call for a report on the management of the Bremer River and Ipswich waterways so council can properly fund conservation efforts.

Councillors will vote on establishing a committee to oversee the redevelopment of the Ipswich CBD.

A motion to recognise sacked councillor David Pahlke for his contributions to the Rosewood Library will also be discussed.

More to come.