REAL ACTION: ALP candidate for Page, Patrick Deegan.
REAL ACTION: ALP candidate for Page, Patrick Deegan. The Daily Examiner

Royal Commission call a PR stunt, says Deegan

AN ATTEMPT to raise a Royal Commission into misuse of supermarket power and predatory petrol pricing has been dismissed as a publicity stunt.

On Monday Page MP Kevin Hogan read a notice of motion in Federal Parliament, calling for the establishment of Royal Commission to investigate supermarkets bullying suppliers and price gouging by petrol suppliers.

Mr Hogan said he would use the remainder of this term of parliament to gather support for the proposal.

His opponent in Page, ALP candidate Patrick Deegan, has branded the move as a stunt and said it was no surprise it had fallen flat.

"As a self-styled 'cross-bencher' Kevin Hogan no longer has any say inside the government, so the best he can do is make grand speeches to an empty room," he said.

"What's more, this Liberal-National Government is such a chaotic mess it has basically cancelled Parliament until the election."

Mr Deegan said the misuse of market power by supermarkets and petrol companies was a serious issue for our region but there were better methods available to deal with them.

"We need genuine action, not stunts, to protect consumers from the predatory behaviour of big corporations," he said.

Mr Deegan said this action would tighten regulations on the behaviour of big corporations; provide more resources for the ACCC; and restore the Road Safety Remuneration Tribunal (which the Nationals abolished) to protect standards in the transport supply chain.