Aussie star Johnny Ruffo has revealed his brain cancer has returned.

The former X-factor and Home And Away star posted on Instagram he had suffered an "unexpected week of seizures and excruciating headaches".

"It is with a heavy heart that i have to let you know i now have another huge battle ahead of me as my brain cancer has returned, though i will dig deep and beat this shit disease again 👊🏽💜 #f***cancer," he wrote.

It comes three years after the 32-year-old underwent lifesaving surgery to remove a 7cm tumour.

He shared a picture alongside his girlfriend Tahnee Sims, to break the news to his 220,000 followers.



Johnny Ruffo announces on Instagram his brain cancer has returned.
Johnny Ruffo announces on Instagram his brain cancer has returned.


In September 2017 Ruffo recalled being at home with a severe headache and then waking up three days later with 27 staples, a tube and a bag of brain fluid coming out of his head.

He told radio hosts Fitzy & Wippa he'd been getting headaches for years but, "put it down to drinking too much."

He said it was a normal Sunday afternoon and he had, "this really bad headache" so he headed to the doctor who gave him some medication which "didn't do anything".

Ruffo was lying on the couch, his head absolutely throbbing.

He said, "It felt like there was a fire inside".

"I tried to talk to the missus and I slurred all my words and mixed them all up."

Miss Sims took him to emergency where he was put on a drip and given the devastating diagnosis.

The next day he had emergency surgery and a rare 7cm malignant stage three oligodendroglioma was removed.


Johnny Ruffo and his girlfriend.
Johnny Ruffo and his girlfriend.




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