Was it a crocodile spotted off Fraser Island or just too much rum?
Was it a crocodile spotted off Fraser Island or just too much rum?

RUM OR REPTILE? Croc sighting reported on Fraser Island

WAS IT a crocodile or just too much rum?
That's what Fraser Island resident David Anderson wants to know after a recent reported sighting of the reptile.

The sighting on the heritage-listed island was reported to the Department of Environment and Science on October 21.

A spokesman from the department said the person had reported seeing something from about 400m off shore and it was unlikely to be a crocodile.

Mr Anderson agreed, also questioning the sighting.

He said he had heard from time to time stories about crocodiles being spotted floating past the western side of Fraser Island, often from boaties fishing in the open sea.

Mr Anderson said crocodiles had been spotted in the Mary River, so it wasn't entirely unlikely.

"I'm not too worried, I don't go swimming on that side of the island," he said.

He said irukandji stings at certain times of the year were of more concern than a possible crocodile.

"It could have been a genuine sighting or something else that looked like a crocodile," he said.

"It depends how much rum someone's been drinking."

Mr Anderson said he had seen evidence of crocodiles himself as a child while boating in the Mary River, including slides from the creatures moving in and out of the water.

"I wouldn't discount it completely but I wouldn't worry about it."

The Fraser Coast region is classified as Zone F.

Areas in this zone include waterways south of the Boyne River.

Any crocodile found in Zone F is automatically targeted for removal after a sighting has been confirmed, regardless of size or behaviour, including crocodiles in the Mary River.

Two of the reptiles have been removed from the river in recent years.

To report a crocodile sighting, call 1300 130 372.